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voting for Sanders is the ultimate cuck move

the current system in America is unfair. However, it is also a system where the standouts can go further than anyone else if they're willing to put the work in. Those countries like Sweden that give you tons of free shit have extremely progressive tax rates which is one of the things that helps pay for all the 'free' shit. So even dumb, lazy students can go to college and have their own fucking apartment without even needing to get a job. They're literally treated like children into their 20's. The hard working, smart, confident, good looking, or whatever kids can't really get themselves much extra to get ahead of the lazy fucks. Even later in their lives if they somehow manage to start a successful business or just become extremely valuable to a company and are compensated appropriately, the progressive tax rate will take most of any income they earn over the average. What will be done with that money? Cover the "free" government benefits for the lazy and stupid.

It's clear that this is a good deal for the idiots and a bad deal for those above average individuals who were able to create value within themselves. Sure they can earn more, but the progressive tax rate will take well over half of that extra income and give it to others who weren't even smart enough to reach the average.

Sanders has stated before that the he doesn't believe a progressive tax rate that reaches 90% is unreasonable.

By voting for Sanders you are saying that you are one of the stupid or lazy people that will benefit from his economic system. You are voting for a system that is catered to the below average, and essentially admitting to yourself that you are below average and that you need to be taken care of by the above average. If that's not a cuck I don't know what is.

Anyways, enjoy your women's studies class and your 4 hour Starbucks shift that you totally deserve 15/hr for.