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So fags

Let's say I post a bitches details (number, social media, nudes, video) who fucked with my feelings

> you're a faggot op and she's better of without you

> fuck you op

> op faggot

Listen, listen you autistic morons. I'm pretty sure here are some fags with broken hearts, cheated on faggots and similar stuff.
Ok, I know 4chan loves to raid, troll the fuck out of everything and anything, destroy people life's (snd here's the catch)

I need you morons to give me some savage advices how to ruin this girls life. I basically want her to kill herself. And I want her parents to see her death daughter amd cry like never before

> edgyfaggotdetected.jpg
> Leave it op, she's not worth it
> bla, bla, bla

I need some evil geniuses here in this thread, not some autistic faggots.

(I need to be invisible trough all this process, so no one can suspect anything from me)

You faggots deliver
I will deliver

And no I'm not posting anything of her now. But believe me it's some hot stuff you sick perverts