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life has given me nothing but lemons.
i've lost all my friends, lost both my jobs, my fiance cheated on me, i had to drop out of college because i couldn't pay for books, my friend committed suicide after i told him i couldn't smoke pot with him, my parents physically and mentally abused me and my siblings as children, i have no one to talk to, i can't get a job, i'm about to be evicted because i can't pay rent so i'll be living in my piece of shit car again, i used to have nice things, but now, i have less than a weeks worth of clothes, a laptop, and a car that's falling apart, everybody hates me, and im stuck in confusion.
every day is the same b/
nothing but, complete and utter tragedy and ruin.
i feel hopeless and pathetic.
i'm 24 and i have to live with my kid brother because i'm that much of a waste of life that i can't even manage to obtain even a studio apartment.
i've been cheated on by every single girl i've ever been with.
my moments of happiness are very short and rare.
i grew up white trash, i'm still white trash,
and cannot seem to obtiain the lifestyle i want.
i'm literally trampled by society.
i'm a failure.
i try to smile so that i don't bring others down, but it just makes my situation worse.
i'm either sad or angry all day every day.
why does the world hate me so much?

this is now a tits thread.