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>Sickly skinny
>Suffer from depression
>Small hands and feet
>Zero ambition
>High school drop out
>Severe social anxiety
>Had to quit my job because of it (waitress)
>Lost both parents at a very young age
>Tried to kill myself at 16
>Hospitalized for a few weeks
>Live in the ghetto with my aunt
>Can't even go to the store without getting harassed by niggers..
>I once got my hair pulled by a black girl just walking down the street, she called me a white bitch and spit on me..
>Told the police (they did nothing)
>Cry myself to sleep every night
>Hug my pillow tight and pretend its my knight in shining armor..
>On welfare
>Just waiting to die at this point.
>Constantly looking for an escape..

I just need someone to talk too...I don't use skype because it always leads to sexual things and I'm not here for that..just want someone to talk too.. :/

steam name is [email protected] atm :/