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retail is shit stories
>managing at nation drug store
>Jupiter waddles in with Europa following her both huffing and possibly farting from the 15ft walk inside
>walk instantly to Halloween isle and go open season on candy
>didn't get cart or basket so holding against her sweaty saggy tittys while Europa drools all over the masks pretending she's rosie O'Donnell's skeleton audibly spitting into the skeleton mask
>spend 20-30minutes browsing through their diabetes upgrade before bringing them to the front of the store
>but wait
>all of the candy has been under jupiters hot tit for the last 20 minutes and has melted
>get called up
>Jupiter is demanding we give her the candy for 50% off because it's damaged and we should get the store AC fixed because it can't provide the right climate for the candy nor customers
>bertstare and tell her no
>throws all the candy bags at me and says i'll be getting a call from corporate
>waddles off huffing and farting with drooling Europa stuck in orbit of BO and shit
>walk away like nothing because I work in retail and this is normal
college years are supposed to be fun