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So, /b/, here's my life story.

>Be me
>9 years old
>5th grade
>Into the piano because parents are shitheads
>force me to play to "Be successful"
>Hate my life, but piano is pretty cool
>Many hours studying, playing, fucking up, trying again, repeat
>Parents never check on me
>Fast forward
>Going to play in front of my school with other musically talented people
>Picked a piece especially for this event
>Moonlight Sonata 1st movement - Ludwig van Beethoven
>A nine year old is going to play Beethoven
>People are going to lose their shit
>Waiting to go on
>Walk on stage
>Nobody knows what I'm going to play
>Real grand piano and everything
>Butterflies in stomach
>There's spaghetti all over the piano
>Too nervous to play
>Am pressed with a decision
>Walk away and face the shame
>Or play something easier and keep my dignity
>Start playing the opening theme from Harry Potter
>"WHERE DID THIS COME FROM" I am thinking to myself
>People are silent
>Sweating like crazy
>Just don't fuck up
>don't fuck up
>My hands are shaking
>The song is over
>mfw standing ovation
>mfw I'm not even the closing act