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>be me, 20, fucboi
>meet grill
>she is kinky af
>does not take long to get the pants off
>pick her up on campus one time
>go park behind some thrift shop
>ask "are you on pill?"
>risk it, no condom (read: RETARDED)
>head is a little fucking aggressive, but damn good fuck
>fast foreword 2 days later
>gonna try to set up round dos preferably at my place when my room8 is out
>she has a boyfriend
>didn't hardly talk to him before
>whatevs, this shit happens best of luck to you
>removes me from all social media
>three weeks later
>she is pregnant (accident af)
>they are engaged
>mfw that could have been me
pic related

TL;DR: the next guy was not as lucky as me, pullout game weak
anyways, funny/interesting/sharable sexual encounters/partners thread?