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Can somebody please explain to me what is so good about Pink Floyd?

Theyre songs are random as fuck, sure they have some nice tunes like great gig in the sky and brain damage, but a lot of their songs are weird as shit and have pretty much no musical value whatsoever.

they use recycled sounds from other songs in new songs, some songs only last a minute, other songs have completely anti climatic endings that make you think the song was not properly recorded into the device.

It honestly feels as if they were completely wasted while composing, performing, recording and editing.

"they were!", according to waters, they weren't, none of them, apparently every song and album they had, was composed at a 100% sobriety status from the band.

Also the wall is a fucking terrible disc and they have 3 or 4 versions of another brick in the wall WITH THE SAME NAME, you're supposed to guess which one of the 4 versions you want to listen to.