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So, I think tumblr and their shitty everything finally did it.

The Steven Universe fandom is now the worst fandom ever in my opinion. They're worse than the MLP fandom, not even as bad as the Undertale fandom (Some compare the MLP fanbase to the Undertale fanbase)

The S.U. fanbase is full of shitty feminazis and SJWs. So not only are the SJWs turning against one another, they turned against some little girl who looks white because she drew a fucking cartoon character white, and skinny. She drew an alien based off of a stone (Rose Quartz) skinny, even though the majority draw the majority of these characters lard asses and niggers because that's what they look like "in canon"

As an artist, I think anyone can draw whatever the fuck they want, how they want. But that isn't the point.

Over 40+ blogs were made to hate one person, and in the end they pushed her to kill herself. She tried, she failed, she was hospitalized and people now say she merely faked everything.

I know the majority won't have sympathy, that's not what I'm here to discuss. But in the end I just gotta admit, and I hope the rest of you will agree, tumblr is officially the worst thing on the internet. I don't think 4chan can even hold that title anymore. We've done fucked up shit, but we've definitely done more positives than this cancerous shithole that the SJWs consider a "safe space"

Pic related, there is much worse garbage out there.