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Hey /B/ its been a long time. I have a question, a request if you will. Yesterday my friend and I were smoking a bowl after a long days work, after a while I began tripping out, I didnt tell him because I didnt want to seem like a pussy for not being able to handle a bowl of weed, since we have been smoking together for years. So I didnt say anything, but as it progressed and got more intense I said Man Im tripping. He lights up and starts laughing, he explained to me that he put close to 10 drops of acid on the weed I was smoking, while I wasn't watching. He successfully drugged me, I couldn't believe it, and the trip was really intense despite the fact I had smoked the acid. My request is for someone to come up with a low key way of drugging him, I have access to most street drugs, I have access to his house, any Ideas?