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Confession time...

im 26, i havent had sex in like 2 years and the reason is because A: i am really out of shape due to severe asthma and frankly my entire family are lazy fat asses and never taught me the value of exercises as a kid. that being said, im not obese at all. I'm 5'8 and weight about 190lb. Not the healthiest but not a whale either.

Second thing, my dick just aint that big. so, couple those 2 reasons together every time i even get close to a girl, it goes to my head. being nervous and just shut down. the last few times I had sex which is 2+ years ago, half way through it i would just lose my hard on. i get out of breath and tired and... that's it. nothing happens.

it becomes embarrassing and absolute zero chance of seeing that person ever again.

I've been trying to get some exercise in and eating healthy, its been 4 months and there havent been any differences. also fuck me im going broke from eating just salmon and vegetables, as well i work 60+ hours a week so reaaallly cutting out my social life with friends just to hit the gym for an hour a day. What else can i do?