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I really think about this every day. Every time I see a large male, every time I think about a plane, every time somebody mentions the CIA, every time somebody asks about a mask, every time I weigh on the scale, every time somebody mentions the want to be a Doctor, every time somebody says they're not their friends, every time somebody mentions loyalty, every time somebody mentions Batman.

Holy shit. It's a part of me now. This scene is a big guy for me, and taking over my brain must have been a part of it's plan. Of course, Bravo Nolan you're a real human being and a true detective. I don't know what to do anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night and immediately yell, FOR YOU! I just can't help it. Every dream I can remember for the past 6 months has had to do with this fucking scene. Even if it's just the faintest sound of the plane. Oh my God. Please save me. Somebody. I can't take it. My life is crashing with no survivors.

I really am starting to think I need mental help. I've also started wearing various shades of blue lately and not until reading my own thoughts did I realize it's probably because of this fucking movie. I browse /tv/ for around 5 hours every day and the amount of time's I've watched that plane scene in the past week is more times than I've thought of my family, friends or parents. To those who are new don't watch this, and don't get into it. I posted "BANE?" at least once a week for a year, and it has actually altered my brain. The sound of a plane alone sends me into fits of uncontrollable laughter