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Alright, /b/. It is time for a store tales thread!
>be me
>gotta go shopping
>at the store, see one of those soda can display art things
>not bad.exe
>old lady rides in on one of those scooters
>when i say old i mean her skin is so saggy she is her own fucking grocery bags
>she begins to make loud obnoxious beeping noises as she navigates the isles
>thinks she is so cool she starts riding backwards
>continues to scream out beeping noises
>slams into soda display
>it collapses, a near-by 9/11 survivor suffering PTSD has flashbacks
>old lady screams and tries to drive forward
>no use, she is already pummeled by those sugary cans of soda
>mom shields kids eyes, one man races to call 911
>dont know if she lived but know that she was definitely injured
>oh well