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MindSumo is a place where you get money for solving interesting real-world problems. (No need to solve. Just propose feasible solutions) Win $50-500 per challenge. Most of the problems aren't even hard. Plus there's less competition among participants; easy money.

Get $5 (with promo code: NA140960) + $30 bonus when signing up.

Verify your email after signup. Then start solving challenges, cash out through PayPal. Enjoy!
Complete these steps to get your $80 first:
After you sign up with promo code NA140960, you'll have $35.
Solve 1st challenge and receive $25, will take half an hour at max.
Link your LinkedIn account for $5 more.
Become campus ambassador, get $15.
You'll now have $80. Then all you need is solve problems and bank.
Initial cash out amount is $100, and then $25 after that.

This is pretty easy money right here. You do need a edu. email to sign up though.