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Dear Anons,
I feel sick and stupid for posting this but I really dont see any other solution anymore.
A short summary about me:

>Be 19 year old student
>Make 385€ a month
>spend most of it on my rent
>have 100€ of cash available for food and other things to live on.

Most of my time is spend in Uni or at work, I barely have time to play videogames anymore.

This is why I am asking for help.
If someone could help me raise

I know I will get shit for this but its my last idea anyways. I need help raising a bit of money for the upcomming game Fallout 4.

I feel so bad that I wont be able to afford it for a long time without cutting down on food or other necessities.
My PayPal account.

[email protected]

Anything helps, thank you.