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Thank you all for all of the CP or DMCA reports! I try to check my website at least once a day, usually about 4-5times.
I ban all of the reported images/webm/gif/etc, stopping them from being archived in the future and I usually also delete the post itself, if it's containing inappropriate content.
* You guys ensure that this website won't be shutdown like fgts.jp did!

Huge thanks to whoever links threads either to 4chan or to other websites. Hopefully you are linking only great threads full of win (in b4 "4chan was never good").
* You guys ensure that I'll remain popular and known and be the most linked /b/ archive.

I can't even begin to explain how much I value the visitors which do not use AdBlocking software on this website. Actually the true MVPs are the people who click on the banners and purchase a brazzers or w/e plans. I aim to have only the hottest looking banner ads on this website.
* You guys ensure that I'll make enough so that I don't have to pay the entire hosting bill entirely on my own, as well as spending money on more storage (so that I dont have to purge old images and webms, like fgts.jp did) and even more bandwidth and CDNs so that your content will load faster!
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