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Board Threads Posts First post Last post Tripcodes Media files Media files' Size
/b/ 763480 22389612 2015-10-24 07:55:27 2016-06-05 06:13:16 0 7632197 3451.93GB

Count of all boards: 1
Count of all threads: 763,480
Count of all posts: 22,389,612
Count of all media files: 7,632,197
Count of all tripfags: 0
Sum of all media files' size: 3451.93 GB (3.37 TB)

Data generated on: 06.Jun.2016 13:43
Media counts and sizes are the values in the database, not on the actual file system and they are per-board, not globally counted.
By "media file" I mean uploaded content, such as pictures, gifs, webms, pdfs, flash and etc. files.
The media count and sizes do not account the thumbnails (on average its 5kb per thumbnail).
Since the values are huge, some calculations might be wrong (due to variable overflowing, I'll double check when I can).

You can see how website looked at their time of death.
You can see the original Db statistics here.
The data uploaded was about 40.4GB of thumbnails and 8.3GB of SQL data