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/asian/ thread
  • Max. file size: 3072kb (3MB) and max. image dimensions: 5000x5000px. Max. replies per thread: 400, max. image replies: 250.
  • This is a board for sharing legal images&gifs of straight porn, meaning that it must include at least one female.
  • All /trap/ content will be removed. Since /b/ consits sometimes of up to 50% of trap posts, if there is a demand for it, I can create a /trap/ board (which I'll never ever visit).
  • Drawn content is allowed, but we prefer humans over anime/manga on this board.
  • Underage or people of questionable age is strongly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to cp, jailbaits, shota, loli, toddlercon, tyftt and etc. Gore, necro and bestiality is also strictly forbidden.
  • Everything illegal will be removed and the Poster's IP will be reported to the correct authorities.
  • All copyrighted/DMCA'd/takedown request content will be removed ASAP.