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Need help /b/ros
>Been dating for over a year now
>Crazy relationship, she says she never liked sex
>Fucked every single day we could
>This chick was absolutely crazy about me, talked about gettimg married and kids
>Hell, she was the one who took my V card
> Being with her was heaven every day
>towards end of year, I had to move far away for personal reasons
>gf flips shit, trys to get me to stay and just move in with her
>couldn't do it, moved over 300 miles away
>long distance relationship wasn't terrible, had a few bumps but it wasn't bad
>been about 5 months since I left
>everything is alright between us
>go to text her on fb
"This person isn't receiving messages from you right now"
>I shrug it off and think her Facebook isn't working or whatever
>give her a call
"The number you dialed is incorrect or disconnected"
>Shitting bricks right now
>look up her Facebook account
>find nothing about her
>talk to her friends
>they say they haven't heard anything from her
>call her on skype
>she declines call, tells me she never wants to talk to me again
I have no idea where things went wrong /b/ros
Pic is her