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ITT: god tier cringeworthy things that you've done which haunts you to this day

>Be me
>Be in 6th grade
>Attend paid programming classes
>8 people in class including me
>Everybody but me are 10th graders
>Teacher is a pretty cool guy in his mid 20s
>He usually discusses about vidya and whatever
>One day he got to talking about cartoon network (can't remember why)
>Moments later he said "who the hell still watches cartoon network? They don't show good cartoons anymore"
> I scream"Only Saiyans watch that shit1!1!1!1!!"
>Everyone looks at me like a queer with baloons for tits singing lady gaga songs
>Realise what I just said
>The teacher ignores what I said while everyone proceeds to cringe or laugh at how autistic I am
>Never do programming again
>Quit the class and never look back
>mfw can't wake up