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>be me
>on road trip
>only allowed to bring one device and something with it
>dirty phone peasants grab their iPhones automatically
>grab Game Boy Color, with 5 bags of batteries
>also a few cartridges
>in car
>iPhone peasants use their waste of technology
>playing Pokémon Silver
>iPhone Peasant 1 says, "Having a Game Boy now of days isn't so great.
>pull out another cartridge in front of his stupid face
>replace batteries too
>iPhone Peasants stare at me and my beautiful work of technology
>tfw their phones are dead and my glorious Game Boy hasn't fallen yet
>get to end of the destination
>we've stopped at McDonalds for a quick stop
>get a water, don't need any food
>iPhone Peasants ask for large amounts of food
>time to fuck with them
>they get their orders
>slap.exe their food out of their hands
>they turn into the Tard Gang
>they shriek the war cries of the unforgettable Tardenese
>Tard 1 grabs the cashier and hurls the poor guy at me
>the Cashier combusts on contact to the wall
>Tard 1 and 2 grab 2 people and throw them at me
>they miss
>slap them
>they instantly cry of the Tardenese Death Cry
>they fall over and die
>all while they are shitting
>I got to beat a few retards
>start singing jigglypuff's song
>continue singing while calling a taxi
>Taxi arrives
>the Taxi driver's eyes slowly cry as he sees what happened to the McDonalds
>get a drive home
>best road trip ever