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okay /b/, story time
>be me
>beta 15 y/o
>had weed a few times, nothing bad happened
>decide to try acid, know a guy
>hooks me up, go home
>close room door, close blinds
>time to fucking party
>lying on bed waiting for effects to kick in
>nothing looks right
>decide to play some vidya to see what its like
>good ol' zelda on wii
>after 10 minutes get hungry
>try to leave, door wont open
>find key and unlock door, needed alot of force, must have been stuck
>go downstairs
>see parents on couch
>trying to act cool
>they leave after a while, success
>make some nutella toast
>tastes like shit
>sudden urge to evacuate my bowels
>just make it to the toilet before i start erupting
>feels good man
>decide to sleep, grab blanket and clock the fuck out
>wake up screaming
>too tired to comprehend
>go back to sleep
>wake up in hospital

what actually happened, according to my family

>got out of bed threw zelda case at the wall
>jumped around in front of my off tv swinging a spoon like a wii remote
>after an hour of this i shoved the spoon into the keyhole and threw myself against the door until the lock and my shoulder broke
>went downstairs
>made a variety of facial expressions at parents while saying weather over and over until they left
>when to the kitchen spread nutella onto bare hand and took a bite
>blood trail all the way to my sisters room where i sat on her chair and took a huge dump
>fall asleep wrapped in a rug from the floor, where sister found me 10 minutes later