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Help me /b/, I'm so fucking lost right now
>Be me
>Be 21
>I feel sad and flat all the time, but I haven’t shed a single tear in over a year
>I want to cry, some times I get so close but it never happens
>I’m incredibly lonely, for some reason all my friends have left me over the years
>I’ve dated and it all ends horribly
>I try to appear happy, I try to love them
>I don’t know where I keep going wrong
>I can’t and don’t feel anything whenever I have sex
>I always fake having an organism
>I can’t feel love or can I truly emphasise with anyone who I meet
>I’ve completely isolated myself from my family
>My parents and relatives keep asking me whenever they see if I’ve found anyone
>I say the same answer each time, “I just haven’t found the right one”
>I wear a mask that makes me appear happy, bubbly and energetic but inside I’m dead
>I’m terrible at what I do but it’s the only thing I can do and am qualified to do
>I am constantly belittled, there’s nothing I can do to stop it
>If I leave I’ll lose everything
>I wake up at least five times every night in a panic
>As each day passes, the more I think about ending my life
>But who am I kidding, I’ll probably never do that
>I went down this path to one day be able to save someone, but now I’m the one who really needs saving
>I don’t know what to do with myself anymore
>Fuck, I wish I had an answer but I just simply do not have one