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>school I went to was awash with tards, literally highest number of tards in the state
>at least 3 or 4 in my class, and it was supposedly a normal class
>Downs everywhere, and every day there'd be news of a rage episode somewhere
>all sorts of stories and urban myths about cafeteria rage, class rage, playground rage, library rage, etc.
>one day, me and two of my buddies are talking at the lockers when one of them social workers runs past us
>"Oh man, here we go again," says one of my friends
>we decide to follow her for entertainment's sake
>get to the end of the hallway, there's a hell of a commotion happening around the corner
>"A shame we didn't bring popcorn, this is gonna be something else," I say
>we turn the corner, and what do you think we saw
>a bottom-naked Downsfriend with a slight case of the angries, surrounded by social workers, wranglers and teachers
>"HABABUBUFUR BARABAR BRAAF" sayeth Sir Downs, visibly displeased
>we ask one of the assorted adults trying to contain him how on earth this started
>they tell us that Downs was interested in trying to break open random lockers for giggles
>not even taking anything, just breaching them and then moving on to the next one
>of course, some new guy in security saw it happening on the cameras and they were on him in a flash
>Downs apparently began to lose his temper, and decided to fight back
>pretty soon, security had a bit of a situation on their hands, neatly bringing us to now
>"Soooo... why the lack of pants?" we wondered aloud
>apparently Downs dropped them when he saw security coming, possibly in an effort to make himself look scarier
>an interesting technique guaranteed to take them aback for at least a moment, to be sure
>especially when Downs got a little too excited and Downs Jr. became Ups
>eventually the whole thing was sorted out, and we never saw that particular Downs again
>mfw remembering the whole thing
Tard stories thread?