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Last Week I learn't why to never admit your tired around women :)

> Me being me Last Friday, Just finished having 3 servings on dinner from 3 separate sources after I triple book dinner and starved myself accidentally all morning
> Get call from friend Roaring party of 5 people happening at Anons house in east
> MFW whynot.jpg
> Rock up people drunk me not drunk
> 3 grills 2 guys
> Night goes on
> Friends throw my name around with extremely drunk and attractive girl 8/10 definitely punching
> They all leave, and leave me at hers
> Just me and her
> She moves to room I stay on couch and begin sleep
> Hear shout after short time, invite into bedroom
> Lay in bed talking and shit
> Making her laugh smooth.gif
> Silence proceeds to fill the moment
> She breaks silence, and asks hey you tired at all?
> I reply yeah pretty tired
> Realizing my mistake almost instantaneously
> I just lay there in the bed
> Fucken hot weather no air con, she falls asleep and I try to hoping I will choke on my saliva and die
> She sleep talks and I cant get any sleep anyway
> 7 hours later she awakes and I leave with minimal words exchanged