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I'm leaving my home state and heading for Florida next week. Long story short: life has been torn to shreds over the past couple years and I need a fresh start. Part of what I'm hoping to do is illegal of course, and figured /b/ isn't a bad place to ask around. Anybody know where to begin when it comes to getting SSNs/cards or birth certificates? I'm looking for quality, not likely to be detected, good enough to get a driver's license type of documents. I'm figuring since every beaner at your local 711 has a driver's license it shouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for an average white guy. I've researched the whole idea of using a dead person's info and I've arrived at the conclusion that the government is too caught up now to risk that. I just need some info/advice. Websites, experiences, anything. Help me disappear /b/, I offer you my ex as payment.