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/b/ I need help. I'm a little over 48hrs dope sick right now. Had over a year clean, fucked up, got high. Been using heavily for almost 9 months now. 5-6 bag shots every day. I'm losing everything in my life again and heading down the same old path of destruction. My gf died from an OD. And I'm still being a scumbag and using. I don't want to be high anymore. I want to quit so bad. In so sick of this. I'm so tired. I just want peace. I'm sick as fuck right now and idk what to do bc I know that by tonight I'm gonna go cop some dooe and rail it in my arm just so I don't have to feel like I do right now. Does anyone at all have any remedies that work for being antsy? Or for sleep? That's all I need. If I could just sleep I could get thru everything else no problem.