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/b/ I'm scared
>be me
>be drinking two nights ago
>do line of coke before party
>have friend pull over to puke
>wtf I never puke
>get to party
>super swanky house
>be drinking lots of old fashioneds
>everyone doing lines
>off of a mirror
>feel like I'm in Pulp Fiction or some shit
>get back to friend's house, not feeling so hot
>never done that much coke in my life
>rolling around in bed
>body hurts all over
>chills, massive headache
>start projectile vomiting
>try to rehydrate for hours
>can't keep anything down
>vomit almost every hour
>get a ride home later, finally get some rest
>today, head is still throbbing
>still drinking fluids constantly
>only thrown up twice
>still ache all over
>only pissed like once, must still be hella dehydrated
Did I overdose, or was I already sick and make it worse by drinking and doing massive amounts of cocaine?