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Okay / b /. And honestly, what is the average day is it?

Here are mine,
> Wake up very early in the morning, not because I want to but because I live with someone at the moment and I crash on the couch.
> Take a shower. Etc. ...
> Grab a cup of cold water, little iron / vitamin pills and seat number on my computer.
> to mix songs until I wake up for lunch.
> To scavenge any food I can get out of the kitchen at 14.00.
> Browse 4chan, read articles. Books in PDF files. Etc ... until 23:00
> Take dinner in the middle of the night and eat it on the couch watching on the island.
> Go to sleep, and belongs myself to sleep. (About 3:45)
> To get up early and do it again, because I hardly have any energy to work during the day and do something unproductive.

Inb4: champion. Yes, unfortunately, I'm thinking about it, and I do not take more than two months.