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Hello /b/.
Firstly, this is not a bait of any kind. So, I am a 29 year old university student, living away from my hometown. I just found out that my girlfriend of 3 years is fucking my best friend of 9 fucking years. My father is disgraced about me as I have accomplished nothing in my life and I don't wish to go in the line of work my university lies in.
I suffer from depression the last couple of years and I feel like all things are getting worse, nothing for the better. I have no one to talk to and it's the first time in my life I feel so alone and empty inside.
I acquired yesterday a full packet of flunitrazepam (benzos) tabs and I plan on taking them one of these days with a lot of alcohol. I just want it to be painless.
I've been part of 4chan for 5 years and I just wish to tell you guys, that you are the best fucking chan out there. Stay the same, stay retarted.
Have fun with your lives and always tell people you love that you love them. Goodbye.
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