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/b/ro's I'm freaking the fuck out and I need advice/reassurance please

>Me and my gf have been dating for a while
>We love each other, get along really well, have everything in common, talk to each other about literally everything
>She moved 2000 miles away a two months ago
>Comes back in November, probably going to break it off because I got to basic training not long after
>Still want to see her one more time so bad

Fast forward recently
>Gf usually goes to parties on the weekend
>I know there aren't usually guys there because my older sister goes to school where she's at
>They're friends and she confirms to me nothing is going on
>When she's with friends she usually never answers my texts
>Goes off the fucking grid until the next day
>She started going to parties with more guys
>Get worried but keep it to myself
>Over time I get more frustrated, keep it down but start getting passive aggressive with her
>Thursday we're flirting, talking about seeing each other, she sends me nudes
>The next day fucking party.
>Family drops by same day for a "surprise visit"
>Family hates each other, they came to scream and bitch to my dad about my grandfathers will
>It's worth noting they brought him, he has Alzheimer's, had no idea what was going on and kept asking about his wife who died two weeks ago.
>They just tell him to shut the fuck up most of the time
>Everyone starts drinking, my abusive dad included
>He's annoyed our family is there, takes it out on me
>Cusses me out, saying if I die in the Army he won't care because he warned me not to do it.
>Lock myself in my room, I'm piss drunk and on the verge of tears.
>Text gf, tell her I really need to talk to her.
>Ask if I upset her, get some "O sorry I forgot to respond" bullshit.
>Ask if we can talk because I really need to
>Flip my shit, go off ranting about how weird it is she never texts me when she's out getting fucked up with strangers.