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>It be 2017
>Tumblrists successfully invade the entire internet
>Mobs of whales lynch presidents of all forums to death because "free speech triggers"
>Anita Sarkeesian assumes full control of the internet
>As torture, she leaves 4chan a site, but only one forum now, /pc/, politically correct
>SJW's Tumblrists, and PC robots flood out of their parents' basements and swarm the streets
>Any form of thought that contradicts "social justice" is stamped out
>Hillary Clintoris elected president
>Entire administration is made up of SJW's, Tumblr "feminists," and PC robots.
>"Equality laws" are passed
>Men are forced to pay double for all commercial goods
Stepping the sidewalk is equivalent to raping all the women who have walked on it before you
>Men are force-castrated and then branded with neo-sexual prefrences
>The closest thing to hetero is pansexual demi-male
>Have to hide in the most triggering place I can think of
>Football field
>Live off of candy bars I find in a locked cupboard for about a week
>Start starving to death
>Have to find food
>Step out of dark concession stand and immediately get tazed by a 200kg police woman yelling "RAPE!!" while another pepper sprays me
>Wake up in government processing facility
>Wearing a number on a sign tied around my neck
>Number gets called
>Get escorted into medical room
>Doctor puts me into restraints
>She then reaches for a gag
>Anon asks, "What's that for?"
>"Just in case you have a tendency to curse, since we can't give men anesthetics by law. We wouldn't want you triggering the nurse or myself during the opperation."