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Beating wimins thread again since my last one with my boxing story got pruned earler


>I got no injuries or anything so I keep going to boxing
>week later I come in as usual
>party horns, confetti, etc,
>party for my first victory
>one of those signs festive signs you give to new parents
>Sign says “It’s a girl”
>hung across the roof
>fuck you guys
>pretty good party
>everyone proud of their “little girl”
>I get head rubs and shit, I’m like the shota no one fucking asked for
>Apparently one of the people in the course is friends with Samantha, has her added on faceboook.
>Samantha posted her post-fight face on facebook
>some swelling to her face despite the high-density gloves
>I found this out because the twat had the cake made in the stylings of her recently-attacked face
>Boxing class asks for a speech
>I don’t remember it too well but I remember I ended it with something like
>”We shall feast on the flesh of fallen foes!”
>random cheering
>start eating the cake
>kinda feel like an asshole
>cakes pretty good though
>so begins my legend of beating women