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Hey /b/, I have made a directory for you so you can be like me. Alphas are overrated. We are a new breed of superiority. You have to:
>Only date Asian girls
>Own a Jeep Wrangler or a Moped
>Own a gun
>Own a big dog
>Browse Reddit and 4chan regularly
>Have a beard
>Have a Samoan/Polynesian tattoo
>Be Heterosexual (Liking Traps and furries are ok)
>Smoke weed
>Be Atheist
>Prefer Subway and Starbucks over all restaurants
>Consistently wear a fedora or bucket hat
>Wear either Timberlands or Nike shoes
>Like EDM
>Know a fighting style
>Carry a butterfly knife/balisong at all times
>Dislike Jews
If you don't meet these requirements, you should really reconsider your lifestyle.