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So /b/

beating wimin/boxing thread.

My community college has a gym for boxers and a few years ago in my state because of
"social outcry" boxing has become a mixed thing for students exclusively.

These are the tales of me pretty much beating up women.

Post whatever. I'm shit and like silly animemes if and cringe threads, so if that tickles your fancy go for it.


>be me
>17 year old asian shota boypussy
>took up boxing back in middle school ‘cuz I got bullied
>had to stop because I beat up a black kid who tried to stick a pen up my ass while I was sleeping
>while signing up for more community college courses, I see a boxing course
>oh shit boy yea
>signed up
>”15/15 seats taken”
>got the absolute last seat among the 4 courses of boxing, that’s two 25 seats, one 30 seat, and two 15 seat courses.
>the “course” is literally just a gym
>feels more like a fucking club
>meet coach named Tay, he starts weighing us and giving us measurements.
>”Anon! Your turn, man!”
>move up to the weird ass doctor-esque machine
>”Okay you’re 5’8 aaaand…”
>long ass pause
>”Step off please.”
>I step off and on this stupid machine like 8 times
>”What was your weight last time you checked?”
>I don’t know like 110.
>Apparently my height->weight proportion is really weird, I look pretty good but I’m like a fairy
>immediately ended up with the nickname “Twinkle Toes” from one of the dudes in our course.
>rest is business as usual
>attend this gym every two days