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Gonna vent because I have no where else to really go.

I've been lurking /b/ now for about 5-6 years on and off,found out about it through middle school. Anyways,lifes been pretty shit lately.Recently my girlfriend of 9 months left me to fuck some sketchy guy for drugs,which is fucked up because I made really good friends with her family,and now they have no idea why ive stopped coming around. I had to get a job at fucking McDonalds,making 7.45 an hour,and im not scheduled to work there till next fucking saturday (been there for almost a month and a half now,no-one seems to like me). My grandad has to get a pacemaker put it,my grandma is suffering from EXTREME dementia,so bad she doesnt recognize her husband,thinks were trying to hurt her,etc. Anyways,one of my oldest and longest friends ended up getting arrested recently for drug charges,ever since he became of age he completely forgot I existed. The most pathetic part of it all I think is the fact I find my only happiness in a girl I met over fucking facebook who lives in the UK,who im pretty sure has no real interest in me and is only talking to me to jerk my chain. Theres a lot more,but I dont wanna get into that. Im not really sure what to do.