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Hiya, folks! I'm a "NewFag", as you fellows like to label it, and I am presented with a troubling... Well, for a lack of a better word, trouble. I'm troubled, what can I say, haha! Anyways, I wanted to make a thread where everyone insults me, and calls me horrid names and the likes, right? Well, from what I've seen from past, a large group of people either A] Complements me INSTEAD of insulting me, which isn't very much of an 'Epic Troll', as they would call it, B] Will in simple terms, call me a "Nigger", which at this point, isn't very shocking on this board, and from my observations, have grown to become a tired and tasteless "Joke", put in the quotation marks because I fail to see how it's a joke in the first place, or C] They'll try to make a serious insult, but it'll fall flat because they are simply low on creativity, nothing more, nothing less. How do I get serious responses to this sort of thread, and, if so, can we get a thread of people roasting me? I wish to provide this board with quality content, thanks!

Pic Unrelated, it's just a cool painting I got from a garage sale. Neat. right? Can't BELIEVE how someone would sell this! Thanks in advance!