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Alright, gather round, its storytime fools.
my memories are a bit hazy, but i got some grade school stories.
>be me, about 5th grade
>art class that i hate because artistically retarded
>teacher is some dirty old fucking hippy
>Ms. Hippy informs us that she had something special to show us.
>all the older classes talked about her "surprise" so I was pretty interested in what this was.
>all the kids gathered round near the front of the classroom and sat on the floor because we couldnt afford chairs in the art room
>Teacher brings out this sack
>a little burlap sack, about the size of a watermelon, with somethiing inside
>she makes us all guess what was in this stupid sack.
>"bowling ball"
>"In a way yes"
>getting tired of this guessing game bullshit
>"is it a skull?"
>ecfuckingscuse me what?
>this bitch pulls out a browned, worn human skull.
>what the fuck man
> I mean, it looked like it had skin and shit still on it, but it had been in that sack for years
>"is it real?"
> I ask politely where in the hell she got a human skull
>"back when I was a hippy..."
>once hippy scum always hippy scum
>"i stole this from a museum exhibit"
>mfw this happened every year and nobody did anything.