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hi /b/ i have a tale from the depths of tard
and i was in little kid tard class
n word little tards all around
duck one of them is following me
he is really tardy ugly and stupis
is be me running and yelling for help
screeches from tard brethren are as loud as $&@
no one trys to stop tard
am be me running more from tard
me be still running tard wont
eeeee i scream while running from tard
i see more tards join in the tard army
screeeeeech one tard makes sound like its dying
john damnit cant swear due to tard kids
o my god tards flipping tables starting tard war
help i yell as me still running
nooo one grabbed on
cee me im a monkey" one tard says with a lisp
eeeeee trying to yell for help.
noo they have grabbed on
aaagh i am dragged into tard army be kill

it was started by 1 tard read the first letter of every line. pic not related