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Nigger Hate Thread
>Work as Walmart fag in a mall
>We get a fatass nigger for carts
>Immediately nigger has problems following instructions
>Thinks hes above pushing carts
>Refuses to help out anybody and just dead weight pretty much
>I go to our manager and tell her hes is just wasting every bodies time and is no good
>Nigger hears I gave feedback to our leadership
>On a mall run he finally decides hes had enough of me and tries to beat me up
>Me 6'2 205, could easily drop him but, I run away
>5'9 300+ pound gorrila thug gets tired and falls, busts up knee
>Lardmaster tries to claim walmart was at fault and threatens to sue because he got injured
>Lardmaster gets fired
Fucking nigger, he still gets a job because HR wanted to push out diversity and the ungrateful baboon doest want to do shit? Oh no, he just wanted to ride it out like welfare or something? Fuck that bastard. Only reason why I didnt beat him up is because I didnt want to lose the job. Fuck all dindu nuffins.