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Tard story

>be me
>jr high
>tard kid in English
>lets call him Ralph
>nice kid but retarded as in full blown downs
>kids always pick on him
>he rages but never does anything
>one day teacher leaves class
>just working on homework
>Ralph is doing tard things
>Chad of our class starts being an asshole to Ralph
>starts touching the tardiness he’s working on
>Ralph doesn’t like that
>Chad then starts imitating Ralph
>Ralph goes more silverback then usual
>literally starts beating the shit out of Chad
>Chad ends up with a broken nose
>gets suspended after Ralph and class explain what happened
>Ralph gets off scot free due to tardness
>mfw no more chad

Chad ended up getting expelled after he tried to fight Ralph. If you ever want a Chad gone, get a tard to beat him up. They aren't Chads afterwards.