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OP, your thread 404'd before I was able to post this. I ain't writing all this shit for nothing. Here:
You're probably doing fine, OP. Not answering makes you look good because it makes her think you're busy doing other stuff (i.e. you have a life and can't spend all your time dicking around online). Make sure that if you do log back on to FB you turn on the "Invisible mode" or whatever that's called so people can't see you're online. I don't use FB but I'm sure their chat feature probably has something like that. I'd turn off chat altogether if you can.

A day or so before you meet up with her, check the unread messages she's left you. If she said something that requires a reply (for example, if she asks you a question like, 'Do you need a ride to my house?'), answer but keep your reply short (example: 'No, but thanks. See you Friday night'). If it's anything other than a question that requires an answer, then you're probably okay ignoring it.

From there just have fun, don't seem clingy, and for fuck's sake DO NOT FOLLOW HER THE ENTIRE NIGHT. You'll be more attractive to her if throughout the night she sees you talking to the other guests at the party, especially the attractive women. May sound counterintuitive but it's called pre-selection, it's biological, and it fucking works. It shows you can adapt well to new surroundings and don't put women on a pedestal.

Don't make a big deal that you're talking to them, play it off as them just being guests at the party and you're just there to have fun. Drink if you can handle yourself, but DO NOT GET DRUNK. You'll likely cockblock yourself if you get drunk. If everyone starts dancing and you see her dancing, confidently dance with her and don't be afraid to touch her. If she's not into it, don't make a scene or feel embarrassed, just move on to some other girl and act like it didn't happen.

Have fun and happy Halloween, you autistic fuck