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First time thread
i will start, I just suck my first dick, pic related
>be me
>19 years old
>Really curious about sucking dick
>"Straight" tho (fuck you Iike girls and dicks)
>Watch a lot of semale / trap porn
>Go to site like cl
>Found this man who is interested
>he is 52 years old
>also is married
>he told me is his first time with a man too
>we agree to meet at a parking lot
>I get into his car
>nervous as shit
>he is a little fat, also creepy old man
>Fuck it, i will do it anyway
>I unzip his jeans
>make the seat back
>I pull down his briefs
>his cock is still flaccid
>start to jerk him of
>take his cock and lick the top
>start licking all the penis
>take it in my mouth
>start sucking like a pro
>try to deepthroat, but fail, get only the half of it
>It's my first time so doesn't matter
>lick balls
>he unzip my pants and pull down my boxers
>he grabs my ass
>he says that he wants to fuck me
>never been penetrated before
>also in a car
>so I told him not this time, and not here
>suck a lot more and jerk him too
>I get really horny by the thought of sucking a dick that has been a lot inside his wife pussy, maybe even hours early
>finally deepthroat
>keep sucking and licking like a whore
>He cums