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>Sophomore in college
>College is full of huge nerds (engineering school)
>Move into house with 4 older friends
>One of them graduates mid year, so they sublet the house to this 300 pound nerdy kid
>All this motherfucker does is play league and jerk off to anime
>Gets super mad when his game lags, like screaming "LAG! LAG! FUCK!" and shit like that
>We decide to fuck with him
>Every once in a while we all open up like 20 YouTube tabs on our laptops at the same time in the basement
>Internet is slower than this fatass' marathon pace
>Doesn't ever come down to the basement because he lIves upstairs and is intimidated by us
>probably just thinks we'really watching TV like usual
>dude freaks the fuck out and good times are had by us
>keep doing this ever 3 or 4 for about a month
>just thinks we have unreliable Internet
>one week we decide to go all out. >Every day, multiple times a day, we fuck up his games with youtube tabs
>Dude is losing his mind
>6 days in
>Biggest fit we've heard yet
>all just laughing in the basement
>Hear LOUD footsteps upstairs in the living room
>Hear something get thrown on the floor, then super loud thumps we could feel from the basement
>Internet connection lost
>walk upstairs
>this motherfucker is smashing our wireless router to bits with a chair
>we all yell at him to stop
>stops, apologizes, says he has anger management issues
>buys a new router, pays for us to get better, more reliable Internet from a different company
>we stop fucking with the Internet
>thinks he solved the problem
>internet was already good before we were doing that
>Now we have awesome Internet and the guy is overly nice to us because he still feels bad

Fuckin with nerds is awesome