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I just spent the past 30 mins sobbing because looking through my old memories really makes me realize something about my depression that those that don't have it, or think they do need to realize. (My depression is apparently so strong that my doctor insisted I be put on anti-depressants, to which I refused). First of all, there is a major difference between someone who has depression and those who are depressed. The ones who have depression are ones like me, we have an actual biochemical problem in our brains that makes it difficult to nearly impossible for our neurons or some shit to respond to dopamine, Serotonin and other feel-good chemicals your body releases. Ones who are depressed are the edgy teenage school girls that act sad all the time for attention. We who ARE depressed DON'T want you to know, we DON'T want you to help, we DON'T want any attention, we want to be left alone. Depression doesn't mean you feel sad all the time... it means you can't feel happy. Much scarier when you think about it. The longer you have it, the stronger this becomes and the more it weighs down on you which is what leads to suicide, some experience it stronger than others and the other factor is how mentally strong you are. Personally I am aware that this is just a metal illness and the only thing helping me is my life quote "Drop it and let it go"

Here is the problem most people dont understand about depression. It is the most elusive and sneaky of mental illnesses. The only way to really help someone is to confront them and let them know you are their for them, unfortunately they wont care and they will do everything they can to look as upbeat and happy so it becomes less noticeable. This picture that I am re-posting pretty much hits the nail on the head; We know what it feels like to truly be stuck in a situation where we can't be happy so we do everything we can to make others happy

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