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So /b/, tonight while at work I was given a phone number by this woman at one of my tables that I was working on the entire night at a catering hall. I'm in a 5 year relationship ATM however, but the fact that I wasn't even trying to hit on this woman the entire night shocked me because it's been a long time a good looking woman has hit on me. I'll give you some backstory...
>Me, 23 years old
>Working another bullshit night at catering hall
>Ask my table if anyone wants drinks, etc.etc.
>See one girl low on w.e the fuck she was drinking, ask her if she wants another drink? She's like "yes please" I'm like wtf did you have? She says "shirley temple", I'm like derrrrr ok I'll get you another one of them kidz bop drinks
>Later on during the party I'm at the bar making drinks for other guests
>The woman comes over to the bar and asks for two drinks, a Merlot and a Cosmo
>I make her the dam drinks
>She tries to carry them over herself back to the table like a nimble deer who can't keep her balance
>Me, the supreme gentleman myself that I believe that I am ask if she wants me to carry her drinks over back to her table, the bitch is delighted that I did
>Later on in party I'm serving coffee
>While heading back into da room these two girls stop me, they're from the same table this woman who seems interested in me is from
>They tell me that this woman is interested in me and they gave me her name and number on a bar napkin.
>My face turns red, I become flattered and excited.
>Didn't think I still had it in me for girls to be interested in me still.
>Dunno how the fuck to approach this woman now that I know that she trully wants me, this woman has a nice figure, cute face, short brown hair.
>I take my shot and approach her at the end of the party while shes heading out of the room
>Shes excited that I acknowledged her
>We talk for 30 sec.