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right so i got a story for you tards tonight
>be me, high school student a few years back
>steam is of course huge, as this is like 2-3 years ago
>school is full of complete dopes, and some smart kids
>suddenly, my autistic ass finds out you can copy/paste some games from their steam folder locations
>so i put them on this flash drive
>next day at school, i sell the flash drive for 60 bucks, saying i have expensive working games on it
>some fucking jock who does nothing but play cod tells me to "prove it"
>we have these school-wide issued laptops, everyone has one, so i pull it out and "install" the games
>play them, they work greatly
>the games in total werent even 20 bucks
>i had alot of shit-tier flash drives, continued to sell them with shit games
>mfw i made mad cash
>mfw i still do this
also general scam thread