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Zany school stories? I've got a few.
>in class chatting to some grills
>quiet/shy kid asks me how I can talk to girls
>"because I'm not autistic"
>anon I have autism
>"yeah but I don't"
>suspended for 2 days for bullying

>two special ed kids talking
>taking up the whole corridor
>push past because I have places to be
>one starts to cry because I touched it (I think)
>the other starts yelling at it to shut up
>throws its bag out the window (we were on the second floor)
>glass everyfuckingwhere
>they start to punch on
>what have I done

>be walking to class
>see random kid
>he asks me if I want to see something cool
>he sticks his hand in his mouth
>projectile vomits down the stairs
>starts laughing
>runs away

>playing t-ball
>particularly weak chick is up
>swings bat all the way around
>lets go
>breaks teachers shin

>go for a piss
>supertard of the school squatting over toilet, stall door open
>spitting on his dick
>collects spit and puts it in his ear

If I think of more I'll post em