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Hey /b/, I think I fucked up and I need advice.
>Be me, long distance relationship
>Me and gf love each other, took her virginity, talk constantly
>Going to see her for the last time on Thanksgiving break before I go to basic training for the Army
>Probably going to break it off with her but love her too much to not see her at least one more time
>On the weekends though, she goes out and parties with her friends
>I know she hasn't done anything though
>I know this because my older sister goes to school where she lives and they hang out all the time
>What annoys me though is that when she's with her friends she just goes dark virtually all weekend, maybe a text or snapchat a few times over the span of hours

Fast forward two days ago
>Family is in town for a surprise visit
>Constantly bitch and argue over my dying grandfathers will WHILE HE'S IN THE ROOM confused as shit from Alzheimer's
>Everyone gets drunk
>Abusive dad starts insulting me saying I'll probably die in the Army and he won't feel bad because he told me not to join
>Tries to fight me, I'm a big guy so I just brush him off and lock myself in my room
>Try to text gf because I really need to talk
>Ask if I can see her smile (I know it sounds faggy but she has the prettiest smile and it makes me feel better so fuck off and die)
>I was shitfaced drunk by the way
>Get furious, start saying it's weird how she claims she cares about me so much but ignores me because she doesn't want to upset her fuck face friends.
>Accuse her of cheating
>She says "sorry I want to be here with my friends and have a good time once a week"
>Go back and forth a bit

Be now, things seem a bit awkward. I apologized, told her what happened and she offered some half hearted apology in return. We haven't really talked much since, though it's only been a few days. Please /b/ros, how do I fix this? I really want to see her before I leave and I'm worried I fucked it all up.

>Inb4 dump her