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Sup /b/
I know there's more oldfags here right now than me. This thread is a discussion thread to figure out what we can do to save /b/.

You see, I can remember when the majority of the threads posted on /b/ were good. There were YLYL threads without a goddamn banana in sight. There were daily tard story threads. There was epic raids. Now, everything posted on here is absolutely shit. Now I know some of you feel betrayed and sold out by moot. But know this. It wasn't moot that closed the pool, it was us. It wasn't moot that raided the Time magazine poll, it was us. It wasn't moot that tried to send Justin Bieber to North Korea, it was us. My point is, we can do great things again if we mobilize.

So all you oldfags out there, get in here and let's get shit done.